Common Rental Mistakes - That RentRef Fixes

Common Rental Mistakes - That RentRef Fixes

It’s easy for many of us to look over this part. We’re coming off the high of finally finding “the perfect place”, and we don’t always have time to read the fine print.

Not reading the lease

It’s easy for many of us to look over this part. We’re coming off the high of finally finding “the perfect place”, and we don’t always have time to read the fine print. Knowing the big things like, how much is rent and who is responsible for the utilities are extremely important, but before you sign you need to have a full understanding of what you need to do to completely comply with your lease. The lease answers a lot of great questions before you have to ask them, so don’t overlook reading your lease. It can cost you if you do.

The Fix - RentRef can read your lease and send you an email identifying crucial points in your lease to pay attention to, so you never have to worry about the fine print again.

Not asking enough questions - or the right ones

Asking questions should be one of your main priorities before renting a place -- make sure you’re asking the right ones to get the full picture of what you’re walking yourself into. It’s also smart to create a paper trail (i.e writing down promises the landlord makes and having them sign it), in case you have to reference the answers in any dispute.

The Fix - Acces to all of RentRef’s content and Q&A database - gives you all the information you need to prep yourself before viewing a property or meeting your potential landlord.

Not making proper documentation

Another priority that needs to be addressed before renting, is proper documentation. Make sure you’re keeping track of all paperwork, and taking pictures to show the condition of your living space before you move in. Payments towards property damage take the biggest chunks out of your security deposit. So being able to proof you aren’t responsible for damage with a simple photo, could be the difference between getting your full deposit back or not.

The Fix - We’ll walk you through what you need to take pictures of, how you should take them, and store them for you, along with your important documents. So you can have quick access to the vital proof needed to settle expensive disputes.

Not knowing the neighborhood

So you’ve found the perfect place, read the lease and your ready to move. But if I were to ask, “where are you moving to?” you wouldn’t give me your exact address -- you’d give me a neighborhood. Which proves, home is more than where you sleep, or watch TV. It’s the neighborhood you live in. Where’s the grocery store?, What are the schools like?, What’s the crime rate? Make sure you’re getting to know the neighborhood, just as much as your new place or landlord.

The Fix - RentRef offers access to an expanding database, not only on properties and landlords, but neighborhood details as well. (coming soon - members only)

DIY rennovations

Scrolling pinterest and binge watching HGTV gets us excited too but don’t forget that even minor renovations can cost you. So any time you think of adjusting the property, make sure you check your lease to see if renovations are allowed and give the landlord a heads up to get the approval from them.

The Fix - Going over the crucial parts of your lease should answer a lot of your renovation questions, but in case it doesn’t, we’ll find the answer for you-- just use our “Ask Rentref” button.

No communication

If there is one thing you get from this blog it’s this: Communication is the key to any relationship. The best way to avoid any disputes or solve any problem is to let your landlord know any concerns or questions you may have before they become a major issue. Also, keep in mind, how you communicate things is just as important as what your saying. You’d be amazed at the different responses you get from a formal letter compared to a text message.

The Fix - RentRef gives you a fast and easy way to communicate with your landlord in a professional manner. Send official repair request, clarify any misunderstandings on lease details, or an official threat letter with the click of a button.

Not being aware of scams

We’ve seen this mistake more often than we like, and it’s the unfortunate risk you take when going through non-certified channels, like craigslist, compared to a realtor agent. Ironically craigslist provides some of the best information you can find when it comes to avoiding scams. Make sure you’re doing quality research on who’s offering you a property, before you spend any money, and avoid running into a terrible situation.

The Fix - We are constantly communicating with landlords, and teaming up with our users to review them, so we’ll be able to tell you who’s legit and who isn’t. So at the first sign of suspect activity, don’t hesitate to let us know and avoid a major headache.

As a member of RentRef paying just $3.99 a month, we’ll give you all the education, tools and resources needed to avoid all the common rental mistakes that cost renters around the nation $10 billion per year. Not only that, we’ll provide you access to all of our premium features that streamlines the entire renting experience for you. So we can solve your problems before they’re even on your radar.

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