How to be a good neighbor

How to be a good neighbor

It’s right around the time you are finally comfortable in your new place but have you met your neighbors yet?


It’s right around the time you are finally comfortable in your new place but have you met your neighbors yet? Don’t waste time waiting on your neighbor to make the first gesture, take the initiative-- here are 8 easy things everybody should do in order to build a better relationship with their neighbor, and make life as a renter a little more pleasant.

Introduce Yourself

The first time you see your neighbors, you should introduce yourself. It’s always an uneasy feeling living next to a complete stranger. So make sure you give your neighbors a chance to put a name to a face. Don’t forget, first impressions are everything. This will also go a long way if you happen to have older neighbors.

Remember their name and say hi

Just introducing yourself isn’t enough. You should greet them when you see them, to plant the seeds of a friendly relationship. There's no need for a long conversation. Just use enough time to say, “Hey (insert name), how’s it going?”.

Ask Questions

Ask them their opinion. It’s important for them to get to know you, but it’s just as important for you to know them. Comfort is a two way street. “Where’s a good place to eat?”... “Did you watch the game?”.... “What do you do for fun?”. Sometimes the smallest question can spark the best conversations.

Invite them somewhere

This is a big move because you step outside normal neighbor etiquette, if you become friends, but that wouldn’t be too bad would it? Whatever the case may be, It’s important that you have a conversation outside the traditional box of neighbor interaction. Talking over a drink, introducing them to your friends or a simple change of scenery can go along way when talking to your neighbor. Even if they decline, they’ll appreciate the warm gesture.

Provide a service

That’s just a fancy way of saying, look out for your neighbor. If you come across a good deal, let them know. You find out some vital information, fill them in. Pulling your trash to the curb? Grab theirs too. The main focus here is to be helpful. It's amazing to see good karma in action, but it starts with you.

Don't be gross

Inside of your house is your own business, but keep any gross habit out the neighbor zones. Which include but not exclusive to, trash bin areas, shared walkways or parking areas. There’s not a lot of things that could spoil a neighbor relationship faster, than being called gross.

Chill out with the noise

Understand how your house handles a lot of noise. Just because the doors are closed, doesn’t mean no one can hear you. Whether it’s a get together or just hanging out alone, don’t hesitate to ask if something is too loud, and if they complain, oblige them.

Be a good driver

If you have a car, this might squeeze in as number one over anything on the list. Now you should always follow the rules of the road, but it's imperative around the house. No one wants to be surprised by you doing donuts or some other crazy maneuver when they’re turning on their street or into the parking lot. What’s even more important than that, is knowing how and when to park. You’d be surprised how quickly a bad parking job or taking someone's “spot” can turn you into public enemy number 1.